Monday, December 21, 2009

Importance of content in Digital Signage

The Pen is mightier than the sword, a popular proverb which very significantly highlights the importance of the written text, emphasizes on the fact that the body of the message is the driving force behind any form of communication. It is usually said, a short and sweet message is even stronger than a boxer’s punch. One has to be very precise and apt while the message is being formulated. A good and well communicated message is the ultimate source to reach the target audience.

Be it any medium of communication, the content gains the prime importance. Discussing about the most talked about communication tool these days, digital signage, which has undoubtedly grabbed the marketing industry with it’s out of home and extensive approach .These digi signs are taking hold of the advertising world day by day and have modernized almost all the metros of the country with its presence.

The relevance of the content running over these digital screens is what which needs to carefully fed and taken care of. The message or the advertisement over these screens has to be in accordance to the place or the area in which it is being displayed. Like if the digital screen is being fitted in a mall, it should have the content running of the apparel stores or other schemes running in the showrooms of the respective mall. But what we see today is, one or the other advertisement which is totally irrespective of the location where it is being placed. Like in metros we see, advertisements of various products running but hardly have we seen any messages being displayed about the metro or the security measures to be taken while traveling in the metro. There should be display of the short stories talking about metro, its development, the connectivity it provides to all the major places, which would help tourists in mapping their visits to all the major areas of the city.

The presentation and display of the content or the advertisement as a whole is also very important. The structure or the presentation of the ad fulfils the very first step i.e. catching the viewer’s attention, for which it should be appealing and should have eye- catching elements in it, rest is followed by the body of the message which carries the power to hold the reader till its end.

The purpose of displaying ads through digital signage will get fulfilled only if; the content in it not only communicates, but motivates the customer to go and at least have a look at the product displayed. An advertisement is said to complete its functioning only when it is able to turn a reader to a prospective customer, i.e. where the power of the relevant content comes to realization.


  1. Good blog. Got a good feel on the importance of Digital Signage after reading this.

  2. exactly...content is very important & one must understand the important of its syncronisation with the place where the digital screen is being placed

  3. No..doubt Digital signage is latest trend of advertisement and if we think scientifically visual factors are more effective than any other things and outdoor media getting good response from the market also. It will grow in future...Thanks Rajnish Kumar

  4. ya ...Digital Signage is very powerful in communicating your message and if the content is relevant to the place where it is displayed it can do wonders from the marketing point of view.

  5. nice blog.. digital signages r d newest addition to d marketing tools. n they have gud potential, of becoming very strong tool of outdoor media...